Kelsey og Luke

Wedding in Stryn 4th July 2012

An American family holiday to the Fjords turned into a destination wedding for my oldest daughter.  
After researching, I realized this was too difficult to pull off on my own. I found Brudepikene on the internet as wedding planners in Oslo.  That wonderful journey started with my first email to them.  

The most challenging of this wedding was the pre-documents needed for an international wedding.  I'm not sure we would have been successful had I not found Ann.  Her replys to me were almost instant and she helped with any communication needs.  

We wanted the wedding overlooking a Fjord and were ecstatic to have it take place at the farm we were actually staying at in Stryn, Nordfjord.  Everything went off even better than expected.  The owners at the farm were fabulous - they embraced the idea as a wedding had never happened there. They prepared the house for the dinner beautifully - decorating beyond our expectations. They dressed in traditional costume and played the fiddle for the ceremony and had their 90 year old parents and their son came to witness. We made bouquets out of all the wildflowers.  The weather was great and celebrant was kind.  It was picture perfect. Finally, SMAK's dinner was one of the best any of us had ever had.  The wedding was even posted in the local paper

This day will be held in our memories forever. 

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