Roisin og Christopher

Bryllup i Hardanger 6. july 2016

Brudepikene and Our Fairytale wedding. 

We are from Ireland and after holidaying in beautiful Norway, we decided we wanted to get married there. Not knowing the language very well, I Google searched wedding planners in Norway and Brudepikene were at the top of the list.

From first contact, Ann and Jeannette have been superb. They organized everything for us, from the hotel, and photographer to the very important paperwork. They paid extreme attention to even the most ordinary aspects of a wedding, things that most people overlook were given special consideration. We had very little to do on our part.
One thing we will forever be indebted to them for is their gentle persuasion for us to hire a wedding photographer. We were quite relaxed about having photos taken but Ann convinced us, ever so softly, that we would not regret having our photos taken. She was 100% right. The photos speak for themselves and we are delighted that we listened to Ann.

Ann and Jeannette were not only wedding planners on the big day, they also stepped up to act as beautician and hairdresser too. I was to do my own hair and make-up but suffered an eye injury on the commute to Norway and was unable to do it myself. They both stepped in and had me looking how a bride should look on her wedding day.

They are the most warm, kind hearted, generous and giving people we have ever come across. Ann and Jeannette go above and beyond to cater for you on your special day. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Ann and Jeannette will forever remain in our hearts, our very special Norwegian friends. We wish them success in every endeavour on which the undertake.

From Ireland with love,
Chris, Rosie, Tommy and Zara.
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